Employees Federal Credit Union

Address Change Request Form

If you have had a change in address, phone number or e-mail address, please print, complete and sign this form.

Please bring this to one of our locations so we may update your information. You may also mail to 1120 W 17th Street, Tulsa OK 74107 or fax 918-582-7588

Member Name Member #
Physical Address Mailing Address (if different)
Street: Street:
City, State & zip: City, State & zip:
Contact Information
Home: Cell:
Work: Alt:
List of Joint Owners That Changes may Apply to
Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:
Please check if you have an active ATM or Debit card.

Signature:__________________________________________ Date: _______/_________/__________

Office Use:

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EFT DATE 3/28/16