Mission Statement

Our mission statement "We Help People Succeed" is our duty and our responsibility to you, our Members. We continually strive to be the best at what we do, and help those who are often ignored or pushed away by other institutions.

About Us

The Credit Union philosophy of self-help, self-support and promotion of thrift has not changed since our beginning in 1954. It was at this time that our original incorporators, Matt Bayless, Nell M. Ferrine, Mary A. Barton, Lonnie F. Pierce, C.K. Ralston, Loyd C. Mosier, and O.A. Zeigler got together and formed Tulsa Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union. The Credit Union strives to be an important financial partner of our members and their families. From the Credit Union's humble beginnings to the present we have never forgotten we exist to serve our members.

The first "office" was in the living room of Mr. Jack Perrine, the first Manager/Treasurer (located near 46th and Peoria). A membership drive was organized and many members signed up. The City helped by allowing Mr. Perrine to leave his job after noon on the City's paydays in order for members to come by his house and make deposits. The City of Tulsa further cooperated by allowing payroll deductions from the members' paychecks to be sent directly to the Credit Union. In 1973 the Tulsa County Employees Credit Union was merged into our Credit Union.

By 2012 our Select Employee Groups had grown to the point we felt a change in our name was needed to acknowledge all EMPLOYEES of the various groups we serve and to simplify our name. Therefore, after much discussion we chose EMPLOYEES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION.